C-shaped Powder Coated Welded Mesh Fence For Power Plants

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C-shaped welded wire mesh fence is another hot seller in Japan for residential using or solar plants. It is also called wire welded fence, galvanized steel fence, security fence, solar fence. And familiar with 3D Curved welded wire fence in structure but different in bending shape at the top and bottom of fence.

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The production process of C-shaped welded wire mesh fence is similar with other welded fence. It is a steel fence using galvanized wire welded together firstly and then need bending machine to make C shaped at the top. It’s a high strength and durable wire mesh fence and used predominantly as high security barriers.

PRO.FENCE provides C-shaped welded wire mesh fence is constructed of galvanize wire mesh panel and finished in full powder coated. That will enhance the anti-corrosion and extend usage period. We supply small size fittings instead of large one to save cost for customers and whiling ensure the consistent usage. It’s also the popular choice of majority customers in the Japan and used extensively in the fencing system of solar plants, residential buildings, communities, parks, roadways etc.


You could find it easily around residential building, communities, parks in the Japan and also usually used in perimeter fencing of solar plants.


Wire Dia.:3.6-5.0mm

Mesh: 60×120mm/75×150mm

Panel size: H500-2500mm×W2000mm

Post: φ48×2.0mm

Fittings: SUS304

Finished: Powder coated (Brown, Black, White )

C-shaped welded mesh fence


1) Variety

This welded wire mesh fence is made from steel wire and can be customized in varying heights, different gauges to meet the need on site and the budget of project.

2) Anti-corrosion

The surface of fence finished in electrostatic powder coated and PRO.FENCE using famous brand Akson that powder coating will up to 150μm at least. Plus, all of matching fittings are SUS304 material. Those are playing outstanding role on anti-corrosion. PRO.FENCE guarantee no rusting at least for 6 years.

3) Adjustable

It is consisted of mesh panel, posts and ground piles. The simple structure will help to install easily on site. The spacing between posts can be adjusted wherever possible even in the complicated mountain sloped.

4) Durability

The half-circle bending shape at the top and bottom of mesh panel for resist external shock and also make fence looks attractive.

Shipping Info

Item NO.: PRO-12 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA


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