Galvanized welded wire fence for agriculture and industrial application

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Galvanized welded wire fence is designed for those project has limited budget but require for high strength fence. It is extensively used in agriculture and industrial due to its high cost-effective.

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The production process of galvanized welded wire mesh fence is simpler than other welded fence. Firstly, using steel wire welded together and secondly finished in hot dip galvanized without through bending. For saving cost, we design this mesh panel with no curved and simple L-shaped post to assemble. But the wire diameter after galvanized coating can be 4mm and the zinc coated is up to 450μ/mg so it’s a high strength and durable wire mesh fence.

PRO.FENCE provides galvanized welded wire fence in various heights, wire diameter and mesh spacing according to demand. Compare with other competitors, our galvanized products has its advantage of bright and complete zinc coating without any zinc residue. That will enhance the anti-corrosion and extend usage period.


It’s the best choice if looking for the fence of high quality and lower price for your projects. Our majority customers use it as the security fence of power plants, industrial parks, ranch etc.


Wire Dia.: 4.0mm

Mesh: 100×100mm

Panel size: H500-2500mm×W2000-2500mm

Post: 40×40×2.5mm

Fittings: Galvanized

Finished: Hot dipped galvanized

Galvanized welded wire fence


1) High strength

Process in quality carbon wire with high tension strength, and finish it in hot dipped galvanized (zinc coated up to 450g/m2), assemble it by using SUS 304 fittings. Those are playing outstanding role on anti-corrosion. PRO.FENCE guarantee no rusting at least for 6 years.

2) Adjustable

It is consisted of mesh panel, posts and ground piles. The simple structure will help to install easily on site. The spacing between posts can be adjusted wherever possible even in the complicated mountain sloped.

3) Durability

The triangle bending shape at the top and down of mesh panel for resist external shock and also make fence looks attractive.

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Item NO.: PRO-05 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA



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