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Product introduction

  • surface treatment 1:hot galvanized


    Hot dip galvanizing is a kind of rust prevention treatment of steel, and it is a technique to prevent corrosion of steel by immersing steel in dissolved zinc at high temperature of 500℃ and forming zinc alloy layer on the surface of steel material. It is widely adopted as corrosion prevention of steel structures used at outdoors and indoors.

  • surface treatment2:electrostatic powder spraying


    Powder spraying is a method using machines to give powder electrostatic and then the powder is evenly sprayed on the surface of the workpiece. After spraying, it is heated and solidified by a curing furnace to form a coating film. Electrostatic powder Spraying is widely used as a metal decoration technology. Through this technology, it is easy to get a high thickness of film to get a strong rust resistance and beautiful appearance. Besides, different colors of surface coating isworkable and available.

  • surface treatment 3:powder dip coated


    Powder dip coated  refers to the coating method that a porous plate is arranged at the bottom of the coating container, through which compressed air is transported to make the coat/powder flowing, and the heated workpiece is immersed in the flowing coat/powder under high temperature, forming a thick film. Dip coated method usually could make a thick film of about 1000 microns,  to reach an effect of  resist corrosion.

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