Double circle Powder Coated Wire Mesh Fence for Municipal engineering

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Double circle weld wire mesh fence is also called double loop wire mesh fence, garden fence, decorative fence. It is an ideal fence to protect property and looks beautiful as well. So it wildly used in Municipal engineering, architectural engineering.

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This double circle fence is also belong to the welded mesh fence, made from steel wire. It is a steel fence using galvanized wire (some manufacturers using black iron wire instead) welded together firstly and then need bending machine to make O shaped at the top and bottom. It’s a high strength and durable wire mesh fence and used predominantly as high security barriers.

PRO.FENCE provides Double circle wire mesh fence is constructed of galvanize wire mesh panel and finished in electrostatic powder coated. That will enhance the anti-corrosion and extend usage period. The designed O-shaped panel style is suit to decorate your garden and meanwhile separate with your neighbor. So, it’s used extensively in the area of residential buildings, communities, parks, roadways etc.


It has a range of application including parking lot, airport, roadways, residential building and so on.


Wire Dia.: 3.0-3.6mm

Mesh: 60×120mm

Panel size: H1200/1500/1800/2000mm×W2000mm

Post: φ48×2.0mm

Fittings: SUS304

Finished: Powder coated (Brown, Black, Green, White )

Double rings wire mesh fence


1) High strength

This double circle fence is a kind of weld wire mesh fence, and has small mesh spacing to enhance the strength.

2) Good looking

The O-shape at the top and bottom give it no sharp or tough edges to avoid the damage of the wire tip to people and make it look beautiful. Also, Powder coating in various colors to meet demand of decoration.

3) Anti-corrosion

PRO.FENCE using famous brand Akson powder for coating to enhance the role of anti-corrosion and service life.

Shipping Info

Item NO.: PRO-09 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA


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